Feature #1
Ready to develop

Evaluation board of the PCBM-1GC wireless module with peripherals and interfaces that make easy the development and test of the IoT applications.

Feature #2
Cypress WICED® Studio

Easy firmware development with the free of charge programming tool from Cypress with examples and drivers specifics for PCBM-1GC module.

Feature #3
Arduino interface

The evaluation board is expandable using the Arduino Uno standard with many other functionalities using any Arduino shield compatible.

Feature #4
Arrow distributed

The wireless module is distributed globally by Arrow Electronics.



Murata, Cypress, Arrow

Technology core




EEPROM 2kb with EUI-48 or EUI-64

Wireless connectivity

PCBM-1GC WiFi Wireless module

Wired connection

10/100Mbps Ethernet
SD Card

Form factor


Power management

5V/0,5A on USB connector


JTAG standard via USB converter (FTDI)


USB Powered
JTAG debugger embedded
Arduino Uno expansion connector
USB host
SD Card


Cypress WICED® Studio WICED (Wireless Connectivity for Embedded Devices) is a comprehensive software development kit (SDK) that works with PCBM-1GC module. The new WICED® Studio is the only SDK for IoT that combines Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® into a single integrated development environment. It integrates support for multiple wireless technologies and required protocols which, in turn, simplifies the process of implementing connectivity to leading cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, IBM Bluemix, Microsoft Azure, and Alibaba Cloud. Products developed with WICED are largely able to communicate, exchange data, and use information with other devices throughout various IoT systems.

Services offered by FAE Technology

  • Custom design and production of electronics
  • Custom software development
  • Custom creation of the box