"Fabbricazione Apparecchiature Elettroniche”

FAE s.r.l. is born: a small reality founded by Francesco Lanza and earmarked for the production of small series of PCBA.


A new plant

Thanks to the first years of growth, Francesco, supported by his wife Luciana Giudici, places his new headquarters in Gazzaniga.


ISO compliance

FAE obtains its first ISO certification thanks to its desire to create an organized reality and structure its own processes.


Generational changeover

Francesco passes the baton to the twenty-year-old Gianmarco, in the company since 2005.


FAE++ is born

A design startup realized with the friend Christian Raineri, makes FAE a small group of two synergistic realities with specific focus.


Welcome FAE Technology Spa

The continuous growth: on September 8th, 2018, FAE and FAE++ creates FAE Technology Spa.


The first Plant2

FAE doubles its locations and expands its services: Plant2 is a reality of 3500 square meters dedicated to logistics, warehouse and integration, and assembly services. The Plant2 is added to Plant1, 2000 square meters dedicated to management and management activities, process engineering, prototyping, and production.


MY Fast PCBA is born

The first Italian e-commerce dedicated to the realization of prototypes and mini-series of assembled electronic boards.


FAE Technology HUB

FAE Technology's house of innovation: three hundred square meters for electronic design, PoC development, and education activities. The space is located inside the Kilometro Rosso | Innovation District.


IATF 16949:2016

Obtained certification according to the international standard IATF 16949:2016, for quality management in the automotive field.


FAE Technology moves to... Germany

Signed a strategic partnership with a Berlin-based company for the sales business development of the German market


Consolidation of FAE Technology's growth trend

Thanks to the fast growing of digital transformation trend, and the pervasive of electronic technology, allow FAE Technology to increase the value of its unique offerings by consolidating its growth trend.


Obtaining ISO 14000

For the development of structured business processes according to environmental management requirements.


IPO Euronext Growth Milan

On November 11, 2022 FAE Technology S.p.A. - SB takes a significant step in its development by listing on Euronext Growth Milano.


FAE Technology Spa - Benefit Society

FAE Technology Spa assumes the legal form of a Benefit Society, thus renewing its commitment as an innovative reality that operates sustainably and transparently in the interest of the environment and the community.


Acquisition of Elettronica G.F.

In the second half of 2023, Elettronica G.F., a leading player in the supply of microprocessor-based proprietary electronic systems such as panel PCs, SOMs and Single Board Computers for various application areas, joined FAE Technology.