"Fabbricazione Apparecchiature Elettroniche”

FAE s.r.l. is born: a small reality founded by Francesco Lanza and earmarked for the production of small series of PCBA.


A new plant

Thanks to the first years of growth, Francesco, supported by his wife Luciana Giudici, places his new headquarters in Gazzaniga.


ISO compliance

FAE obtains its first ISO certification thanks to its desire to create an organized reality and structure its own processes.


Generational passage

Francesco passes the baton to the twenty-year-old Gianmarco, in the company since 2005.


FAE++ is born

A design startup realized with the friend Christian Raineri, makes FAE a small group of two synergistic realities with specific focus.


Spin-On is born

A company network to provide also plastic products for electronics.


The first Plant2

FAE redoubles its plants and enlarges its service: the Plant 2 is a reality created to offer integration and assembling services.


Rush Up

A startup for the promotion of edge computing products for the increasing IoT market.


Welcome FAE Technology Spa

The continuous growth: on September 8th, 2018, FAE and FAE++ creates FAE Technology Spa.


FAE Technology Asia is born

A Chinese rep for the strategic support to the supply chain activities and to Asia relations.