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Feasibility Study

We support our customers in defining their specific requirements according to the market, use specifications, standards and regulations.

HW design

We work in close cooperation with the main players in the silicon industry to ensure the integration of the most innovative components and guarantee best performance.

FAE Technology works with Orcad Cadence licenses
FAE Technology is a Stmicroelectronics, Samsung Artik partner.

PCB Layout

We manage in-house all master layout steps to ensure proper Design for Manufacturing and Design for Testability implementation.

FAE Technology works with 3D Orcad Layout tools.

FW e SW Development

We develop FW that guarantees minimum integration time due to our sound experience in multiple sectors.

Our SW development skills encompass OS Linux, Android and Windows Embedded systems and enable us to develop and manage the application SW.

FAE Technology works with IAR and KAIL licenses.

Rapid Prototyping

Our company features a state-of-the-art innovative division focused on PCBA prototypes. Our division is equipped with Jet print, P&P, vapor phase furnace as well as an especially developed back-end SW that digitizes all processes thus ensuring minimum lead time and cost-effective solutions.

DFM Process and Product Engineering

The resources and know-how of our process and product engineering divisions ensure maximum competitiveness within a compliant, stable and safe process.

Joint Co-Design

We work in synergy with our customers co-designing structural and external parts, electrical components and basic mechanical elements. Our joint co-design activity is the result of our integration in the overall process.

Test Engineering

Our test engineering division provides internally designed and implemented solutions for parametric and functional testing, ranging from simple to highly automated and integrated solutions.

FAE Technology works with LabView SW and licenses.

Validation & Certification

We carry out in-house validation testing, such as pre-compliance and life tests. We also cooperate with accredited certification bodies for other tests, including EC, UL CCC, SIL and Atex. The validation process marks the end of the development cycle and the beginning of the manufacturing stages.

Traceability and In-House Logistics

We guarantee traceability of all our components. Parts and components are managed in a controlled temperature and moisture environment. The PSM (Passive Location Management) system enables us to digitize all handling and localization processes.

PCB Assembly

Our PCBA assembly division is completely automated and fit for the most innovative technologies. (0201-PoP…). Our division is designed to handle the high mix/low volume market and it can assemble up to 500,000 chips per day coupling flexibility of use with optimal performance, thus ensuring maximum competitiveness and short lead time.


Our testing divisions are equipped with optical technologies, X-rays, parametric testing with mobile probes, bed of nails testers and functional testing systems. Process validation is completed by our Quality department and supplemented with sample analysis according to a specifically defined AQL (Accuracy Quality Level).

Box built

We are directly involved in highly specialized processes through our dedicated plant which specializes in manufacturing boxes/cases/packaging and semi-finished products for the integration of electronic boards with plastic, electrical and mechanical components.

Coating & Potting

We provide potting and conformal coating automatic processes thanks to high quality areas in accordance to the most highest environmental requirements.

Supply Chain Management

We guarantee the best procurement conditions for electronics and other types of components by optimizing flows and relationships on a global scale. We strategically support our customers by providing consulting services and sharing our experience and vision of the market.