STMicroelectronics, Silicon Labs, Murata, Semtech
Technology core
Form factor

PWM buzzer
4 MEMS omnidirectional microphones (source localization and beamforming)
1 Proximity and ambient light sensors (proxy up to 400mm)
1 flight sense long range proximity sensors (proxy up to 2000mm)
9-axys IMU (3-axys GYRO+3-axys ACC.+3-axys MAGN.)
Environmental sensors : temperature, humidity, pressure, LUX.
One USB for battery charger
4 analog input 12bit resolution with internal 10k pull down
4 buffered digital output push-pull with PWM alternate function
4 buffered digital input push-pull
5 capacitive input touch channels
Expansion connectors for: GPIO, audio speakers, capacitive touch, haptic motor, I2C & UART buses and JTAG for development & debug of MCU (for FW deveopers),
STM32F411 Cortex-M4 100MHz clock, 512kB FLASH, 128kB SRAM
Lithium battery charger & smart power button with supervisor functions
Haptic driver for LRA and ERM motor with built-in waveforms library
4 RGB LED with digital constant current sink driver with individual PWM