GML Ventures s.r.l. is a holding company that controls 100% of FAE Technology S.p.a. Driven by Gianmarco Lanza and controlled by Gianmarco and Family, it wants to operate with all the best companies of Gianmarco’s favorite markets.

I am talking to you as if you are all here with me now and if everyone gave me its personal time to hear a change story.

An inevitable story as though routes that bring to the future; continuous such as roots that support new branches; realized with heart and head because there are women and men in the middle. There are all of us of FAE.

FAE Technology Spa, a new company that hosts history and knowledges of FAE and FAE++, was born on September 8th, 2018.

History and knowledges gave us the possibility to grow up; chances you learnt to know and appreciate that now are flying to a new future.

Thanks to research and continuous development, FAE Technology Spa is an Electronic Solution Provider that puts innovation in the middle of its mission how instrument able to produce benefits for the Customer.

FAE Technology is a reality organized in order to manage a stunning growing and become a big company respecting values of FAE and FAE ++ from concept, to design, to manufacturing of boards and electronic devices.

This new beginning is thanks to the kind cooperation of FAE’s women and men.

This is a close group with common values and great professionalism who knows that the creation of the value has in the middle the human element.

Moreover, it is a group that, from these principles, wants to draw a new paradigm in order to make FAE Technology an international reference point for electronic solutions.