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If a person has no dreams, they no longer have any reason to live. Dreaming is necessary, although in the dream reality should be glimpsed. For me this is a principle of life.

Ayrton Senna da Silva

GML Ventures s.r.l. is a holding company that controls 100% FAE Technology Spa. Driven by Gianmarco Lanza and controlled by Gianmarco and Family wants to operates with all best companies in Gianmarco favourite makets.

Read Gianmarco’s letter for FAE Technology new coming

We are speaking to you as if each and every one of you were here with us now, and you’ve devoted some time to us to listen to a story about change. Inevitable as the paths that lead to the future are; in continuity, like the roots that always support new branches; brought forth with heart and mind, because there are men and women at the center. That’s where all of us from FAE are.

2017, On September 8, FAE Technology Spa will take off, a new company that contains the history and skills of FAE and FAE++. The History and skills, which have given us the opportunity to grow and that you have learned to understand and appreciate, and which are now flying toward a new future. FAE Technology Spa is an Electronics Solution Provider that, thanks to continuous research and development, places innovation at the center of its mission as a tool that can create tangible bene fits for our clients.

From concept to design, to the production of a series of boards and electronic devices: FAE Technology is a reality which is structured to manage exponential growth and become a big company, with respect to the founding values of FAE and FAE++.

This new beginning finds substance and energy in FAE’s men and women: a cohesive group with common values and great professionalism; a group that realizes that the creation of value begins with a human element at its core. It’s a group that, beginning with these principles, wants to design a new paradigm and transform FAE Technology into a company of international reference in the field of providing electronic solutions.

And seeing as it truly knows how to rethink, FAE Technology Spa is a guarantee of a team of competent and motivated people who know how to help others, who are just as motivated, and to extend realities. A team that looks forward to the future with optimism not just waiting for things to happen, and assumes responsibilities to make them a reality. If we should say it with a slogan we would say: RE-DEFINE, we want to redesign the frameworks of our industry.

We’ll stop here. But the time I personally and the whole team of FAE Technology have to dedicate to building a great story of success together with you will never end.

Gianmarco Lanza President & CEO – FAE Technology Spa